Thursday, October 24, 2013

Misconceptions About Stairlifts

You’ve probably seen the television ads for stairlifts, ads featuring happy older adults riding up and down the staircase on a comfortable chair. Chairlifts are an excellent option for adults who have trouble navigating stairs because of age or physical disability. Many people resist the idea of installing a chairlift because they think they’re too expensive, or that they’re “not disabled enough,” or some other similar reason. In fact, today’s stairlifts are more affordable than ever. Here are some other misconceptions you may have about stair lifts that are keeping you from making one of the best decisions of your life.
Stairlifts Are Too Expensive
While a stairlift is certainly more expensive than, say, installing a set of shower grab bars, they’re nowhere near as expensive as many people believe. In fact, a simple straight chairlift will probably cost you no more than a couple of month’s rent. That’s quite cheap, especially when you consider the alternatives are giving up your home, or moving to a building with a single level.
I’ll Get Stuck During a Power Outage
Absolutely not. Today’s stairlifts are powered by rechargeable batteries, similar to those that power your automobile. If you should happen to lose power, the chairlift will continue to operate for up to several days, depending on the number of trips for which it is used.
Getting a Stairlift is Like Giving in to Infirmity
Some people resist getting a stairflift because they feel like it’s an admission that they’re “getting old” or that they can’t handle living on their own anymore. In fact, stairlifts are the exact opposite. They give you back access to your entire home and allow you to resume doing chores you’d been afraid of tackling because of the stairs.
My Stairs Are Too Awkward for a Stair Lift
It’s a pretty rare staircase that can’t be fitted with a stairlift. Stairlifts can be fitted to straight stairs, narrow stairs, wide stairs, curving stairs, stairs with landings – about 85% of staircases can handle a standard chairlift. Many of the others can be fitted with stairlifts after some accommodation is made. In the rare cases where stairlifts are not the answer, many companies that provide them also provide platform lifts and other options.
If you or someone in your household has trouble navigating the stairs in your home, contact a company that sells and installs stairlifts to find out if they might be the best solution for your situation.

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