Thursday, October 10, 2013

Six Reasons That Stairlifts Make Sense

Stairlifts make life easier for everyone in the household. If you or someone in your home is finding it difficult to navigate stairs, installing a stairlift can help restore their independence while providing benefits for everyone else in the family. Why do stairlifts make sense as a mobility option? Here are six reasons to consider a stairlift for your home.
Peace of Mind for Caregivers and Family
Do you worry about a loved one who is no longer stable on the stairs? When you provide a chairlift, you can stop worrying when you can’t be there to supervise travels up and down the stairs.
Affordable Alternative to Other Solutions
Stairlifts are far more affordable than many other solutions you might consider when stairs become an option. Compare the cost of installing a stair lift to the cost of moving to a one-story home, moving to an assisted living center or even adding a room to first floor. A stairlift makes much more sense financially than the alternatives.
Reduce the Chance of Broken Bones
Stumbles and falls on stairs are among the leading cause of broken legs and hips in older adults. Sadly, most older adults who suffer a broken hip or serious bone break never recover their full mobility. Installing a chairlift can help prevent falls, and help older adults stay mobile longer.
Save Your Strength for More Important Things
If you suffer from COPD or other conditions that make climbing stairs a challenge, stairlifts let you save your time and energy for more important things than sitting and catching your breath.
Reduce Strain on Joints
Climbing up and down stairs puts an enormous amount of strain and stress on your ankles, knees and hips. Riding a stair lift up and down the stairs can help preserve your joints and make your life less painful.
Help Restore Independence
Get your groceries into your house without help, or carry the laundry upstairs without waiting for someone else to get home. While chairlifts are designed for single riders, you can carry things up and down the stairs with you. In fact, you can even buy baskets designed to make it even easier to carry things up and down the stairs on a stair lift.
Don’t let a simple thing like difficulty climbing stairs cramp your independence or rob your life of its pleasure. Contact a local dealer and learn about the many kinds of stairlifts available to suit your needs and make your life easier.

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